Why Choice Pinkcity Export

First of All, I like to introduce me. I am Prakash Soni Founder and director of Pinkcity Export. We are a wholesaler manufacture of sterling silver 925 jewelry and gemstones. There are tons of other manufactures out there. What makes Pinkcity Export as a better choice than others, Well here is a short summery of our USP..


1.       Custom Designs at it’s best.

Let’s say you had designs ideas and looking for a jewelry / gemstones manufacture to realise them. Send us designs, details, gemstones details and that’s it, We will show you every details of it. It’s quite simple and secure that you see all your designs, stones and product quality before buy. Here is a little image to explain it. In last 10 years I produce high end jewels sold to Place du Vendome ( Paris ) to small trade marketplace  ; from a simple piece of chain to most complexed gold eyeware frames for german professors. They were all done because we had a great team of manufacturing unit.


2.       Price matters in Wholesale business.

0.5 Cent change in a 300 Piece order can be 150$ saving. We at Pinkcity Export, keep our operation expenses, manufacturing unit cost, production cost as ground levels. Our profit margin is below 15% for small retails which goes all the way to 5% in wholesale business. We source different gemstones from most origins. For example, Rainbow moonstones gemstone, to keep best quality and lowest price, we keep good stock of rainbow moonstone and seal any deals that we see. By having regular manufacturing of particular stones that helps us to keep our jewelry in competitive.


More importantly, I always stay in touch with my customers and help them explain what can be done to keep particular design / gemstone price low and what are the best alternatives we can have to have best pricing.


3.       Trust.

Yes we are Cost effective but not cheap in any manner. I started my own company in 2008 and still progressing in this competitive scenario. I came from a very low background. My father Mr. Kailash Soni is a great artist of silver jewelry and he teach us how to makes best of every jewels but in the same time he teach us how to be focused and trustful with our clients. I am proud to say that in year 2008 when I start since then I had same 13 customers till date. Why, they just trust the business. After 10 years time, I had more than 1300 customers not a single one who got any trouble on jewels. There are a lot of cheating going on now these days which makes me sick and my father very shocked. People are selling sterling silver 925 jewels with name silver 925 plated and other fake things. Some even use metal with silver plating and stamp them and export it. Here is a list of some most common scams that are going on.  I believe in my customers, and they believe in me and the product they are sourcing from me.

4.       Variety of goods.

Yes Certainly I don’t manufacture all the goods you see in my website or alibaba pages but we have lots of small vendors, manufactures, contract suppliers of local that provides best of their services.  For example, I am totally outsourced for precious gemstones, certain semi precious stones etc. But yet all the kind of jewelry are produce under the roof, from start to end.

Why variety is so important. Well, Every customer is unique and have their own different test of production. Some likes organic design, someone needs very high finished, someone is cliché in quality gemstones and someone just wants tons of tons. We need to have variety. A Simple piece of labradorite pendant is available at 30$ a piece but also available smaller grade for 0.5$ per gram basis.

5.       Quality Control and after sales support.

We don’t just make a sale, we makes relations with our customers. We keep our quality at best level and always there for our customers.


If you have any doubts, like to share your thoughts, I will be more than happy to hear from you. Please write me at prakash@pinkcityexport.com



Prakash Soni