Shipping Policy

Shipping Information
At Pinkcity Export, We deliver every detail of Jewelry and gemstones to our customers however shipping cost is not as simple as it seems. Here are the main factors that we like to give details.
·         Shipping can be made by EMS Postal Service, UPS, Fedex, Aramex, or any other company that choosen by customer and agreed by Pinkcity Export.
·         Shipping takes 3 to 15 day depend on country and method of shipping. Express shipping takes 3 to 6 working days and postal services takes 7 to 25 days.
Before shipping we mostly send  the picture and satisfied our customers with order. Once Customer don’t have any problem with the order and seems great for them we ship them immediately.
Each Time , when there is a order placed we calculate the shipping cost, Time of Shipping and Best possible way to our customers.
You are always free to ask any question regarding. 
Here is details of some common Freight and insurance charges 
Shipping Weight and ValueEMS Postal ServiceUPS / DHLFedex ExpressExceptions

Sample / small invoice upto 500 gram 

value under 100$

25$ 10 to 20 days55$ 3 to 5 days55$ 3 to 5 days

For small value we can use EMS.

But everyone knows how government postal works

Value 200 to 1000 $ / upto 500 gram to 1 kilo30$ 10 to 20 days70 $ 3 to 5 days
70 $ 3 to 5 days

There is custom clearance fees, Insurance are added. 

We encourage our customers to keep UPS servies mostly.

Value 1000$ to 5000$ / 1 Kilo to 2 Kilo55$ 10 to 20 days120 $ 3 to 5 days120$ 3 to 5 days

Mostly we calculate the best shipping here and

update the best possible options to customers. 

Value 1000$ to 5000$ / 2Kilo to 4 Kilo
90 to 150$ depend on Wt. and Value150 to 50$ depend on Wt. and Value
90 to 250$ depend on Wt. and Value

There are lot of changes in shipping from here on.

So we best keep our pricing confirmed to customer once order is done. 

The Best way, Always ask us the shipping charges.  A Tanzanian of value 3000$ of weight 200 gram parcel can be charges lot extra than 30$ sample shipment of 200 gram. Multiple charges like custom fees, Insurance fees are includedSometimes a 20kg Shipment of beads can be 240$ shipping but a 20 kg silver jewelry shipment because of value and volume can be 400$ shipping.Parcel can also be shipped by using custom duty value which reflect insurance and also the duty paid by import country too. For example France has very difficult norms to import silver jewelry compare to United States.

Shipping to most countries depends on their import policy, weight, and lots of other factors. Sometimes for very big wholesale orders, we bear partily shipping fees too.