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organic silver jewelry manufacture

Welcome to Pinkcity Export. A whole new level of customize and make your own jewelry. 

You can use any gemstones, Regardless of it can be flat druzy, any cabochon or faceted gemstones at your choice of shape. 

Here are a few examples of designs that i loved the most for those. 


Above image shows a different combinations of rings in organic round shape. With silver coated druzy it looks really fab!!


gemstones colors in organic silver

Oh yes!!! all sort of gemtsones rings in those organic. you can ask to make as per your needs. 


organic pendants

One design that you can ask for any gemstones shape, size, shape of your choice. 


plain silver organic designs


Yes, A whole new level . Amazing looking silver designs that gives right feeling of customize rings, earrings pendant set in sterling silver 925.


design your own organic jewelry


Let me know how you like those designs and if you like to have them in your store. I am more looking forward to hear from you. 

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2 Comment(s)

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Govind Soni:
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hello, plz go thorough the link. thank you govind soni

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